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Kylene and Anthony at The Line Hotel DC

Posted in Weddings

Gah! So in love!

Venue- The Line Hotel

Wedding Coordinator- The Plannery

Officiant- Chris Dey (brides brother)

Florist- Growing Wild

Wedding Cake- Buttercream Bakeshop

Band – Encore- Washington Talent

Make-up- MS Stylist & Co.

Hair- Owen O’Donnell

Linens- Party Rental LTD

KA0072 KA0073 KA0074 KA0075 KA0076 KA0077 KA0078 KA0079 KA0080 KA0081 KA0082 KA0083 KA0084 KA0085 KA0086 KA0087 KA0088 KA0089 KA0090 KA0091 KA0092 KA0093 KA0094 KA0095 KA0096 KA0097 KA0098 KA0099 KA0100 KA0101 KA0102 KA0103 KA0104 KA0105 KA0106 KA0107 KA0108 KA0109 KA0110 KA0111 KA0112 KA0113 KA0114 KA0115 KA0116 KA0117 KA0118 KA0119 KA0120 KA0121 KA0122 KA0123 KA0124 KA0125 KA0126 KA0127 KA0128 KA0129 KA0130 KA0131 KA0132 KA0133 KA0134 KA0135 KA0136 KA0137 KA0138 KA0139 KA0140 KA0141 KA0142

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